There’s something more powerful than Covid19 out there. (Ed: apparently not…)

Unfortunately with events escalating and with social distancing measures that can be very quickly imposed and the unlikely resumption of international air travel, land border travel, or sea travel without an extended quarantine period, we’ve made the difficult decision for the postponement of the Half Century Pan Hash to 2021.

Further details will be published in due time.


The Hong Kong Half Century Pan Hash, [now] Scheduled for 2021 . ~50th year of hashing in Hong Kong.

Cor Blimey has it been about 50 years? judging by the fact the world’s coming to an end, yes.

Come celebrate with the 13 hashes of Hong Kong.


The locations are still to be confirmed.

Stay tuned

A brief timeline of the hashes of Hong Kong

This event is the brainchild of the hashes of Hong Kong and wouldn’t be possible without their help. Find a brief of the hashes, when they were founded, when they run and how you can contact them.


February 23


  Hong Kong Hash House Harriers Founded by: John Beavon, 23rd February 1970 by John Beavon and Malcolm Glass. Meets Mondays at 6pm. (Men only) http://www.hkhash.com/about.htm
October 26



Kowloon Hash House Harriers


First run was 26th October 1970 from the Old Taipo Road below the Eagles Nest and close to Kowloon Reservoirs. Two hares and nine hounds.

Founder and first GM was Chris “Skid” Rowe. A HSBC International Manager whose travels in Asia made him familiar with hashing in it’s purest form.

A men only hash that hashes in line with the Mother Hash in Kuala Lumpur ie only on a Monday. Guests are very welcome. An ideal hash run will have enough clever checks to keep the pack together and get them back to the bucket in around 45 minutes.The original bucket was just that – a bucket full of beer plus aluminium mugs to extract the nectar. The bucket is still the most important element of every Monday night. Cold beers are essential. Most KH3 hashers then go ON ON to eat following which the GM awards down downs for the many misdemeanours. Some of KH3’s finest then go ON ON ON.”



June 15


Ladies Hong Kong Hash House Harriers founded by Hilary Prior on 15th June 1971. 
Everyone (men too) of all levels of fitness are welcome to run, jog, walk or just drink with us every Tuesday at 7pm.  Our tradition is women front run & solve the checks however should men take it upon themselves to (try to) front run, we hope they can drink & take humiliation in the circle.
We are definitely Drinkers with a Running Problem.
Visit our website https://hkladiesh4.wixsite.com/hklh4 & join us for some Tuesday night shenanigans.
May 18



Royal South Side Hash House Harriers

Founded by Ashley Adams on 18 May 1978. Meets every Thursday 6.45pm. Gentlemen only



December 31



Sek Kong Hash House Harriers


Kid- and dog-friendly hash that runs all over the New Territories on Sunday afternoons — 4pm in summer, 3pm in winter. We’re a driving hash, meaning some members drive to runs, offering lifts to others without wheels. This enables the group to get to out-of-the-way, remote locations, which it does regularly. Originally a military hash based at the Sek Kong garrison, our provenance is shrouded in mystery and may well precede the official founding date of 1974. Now we’re based at “Leafy Glade” store on Lam Kam Road, from where we run a few times a year and where visitors will find a 2-metre-high SKH3 dragon painted on an external wall of the shop. And regardless of where runs take place visitors will also find a warm welcome.


January 17



Little Sai Wan Hash House Harriers

Founded by: John Walsh and Russel Fidler on 17 January 1979. Runs every Wednesday 7pm. (mixed hash)


June 27



Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers

Founded by British and Australian military personnel, the first run of the Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers (N2TH3) took place on June 27th, 1983, from Hong Lok Yuen, near Tai Po. The N2TH3 are a mixed group starting on a Wednesday night at 7-30 pm, away from urban dwellings of the New Territories.  It is well known that we have the best running terrain in Hong Kong with vast expanses of the New Territories to choose from.  A typical run with the N2TH3 encompasses climbing up and over hills, rambling along rocky stream beds, running along country paths, and pushing through dense shiggy.   The hare for the evening sets a wimps or a longer rambos trail of approximately 5 -8 km lasting between 45 – 60 mins, respectively.  After everyone has finished the run, copious amounts of cold soft drinks or beer are available, and a raucous circle led by the GM and RA follows.  Oftentimes after the run and circle are finished, we arrange food either on site or at a nearby dining establishment.  Aside from our regular Wednesday night meeting we organise ad hoc Saturday afternoon runs, special anniversary runs and a Christmas pub crawl.  Anybody and everybody are welcome to join us, just bring a torch and a change of clothing.


April 10



Wanchai Hash House Harriers


Founded 10 April 1988 by Howard “Dances with Dogs” McKay and Bruce “Shirley Temple” Fletcher Runs on Sundays at 4.00pm; (mixed hash) Contact: wanchaih3@gmail.com


August 1



T8 Hash House Harriers

Founded by Tim Bywater-Lees and Tymon Mellor in 1993, with the first run in August 1995 in tropical storm Helen. If T8 signal is raised before or at 8am meet at noon, after 8am meet at 4pm, no run if the signal comes down before 11am. (adult hash).

May 1



Free China Hash House Harriers


Founded in 1994 by Acorn, Hump Thee Dump Thee and Grandpa Masturbator. Mixed hash runs 1pm once a month on Sat. Meets at junction of Jaffe Rd & Fenwick St.

February 29



Hong Kong Friday Hash House Harriers


Founded 29th Feb 2008 by Mark ‘Hopeless’ Hope & John ‘Thermal Dick’ Campbell. Runs 2nd or 3rd Friday of month, 7pm. Mixed hash.

September 8



Rusty Man Trihashlon

The Rusty Man Challenge is the brain child of members of the Distinguished Overseas Gentlemen of Shanghai (DOGS) Hash and Royal South Side Hash, Hong Kong. It was first run at the All China Nash Hash in Shanghai in 2013.

The Rusty Man is a Trihashlon of 3 events. It begins with a sit down full English breakfast with a double Bloody Mary. This is immediately followed by a 5km Hash with a full 500ml bottle beer DownDown at the start, at a beer stop each kilometre and at the finish. The last event is an egg & spoon race where the egg is carried in the mouth across an obstacle such as a fence, staircase, stream crossing, etc.

It is not for the feint hearted and is a true Hashers’ event where the drinking club has at last found a way to handle the running problem! Typically the Rusty Man is an early morning hangover run on the last day of the Nash Hash. The Hares, traditionally decked out in Hash kilts, brief the runners, reminding them that, although it is not a race, the Rusty Man is a Challenge. Hence, and in the words of Sean Connery from the Highlander movie, “There can be only one” winner. All other participants are by definition …… Losers!

As with all sporting events cheating is forbidden but it is highly encouraged. Such trickery might involve topping up fellow hasher’s beer or adding extra vodka to their Bloody Mary, misdirection on trail and especially tripping Hashers on the egg & spoon event, not to mention egg volley fire from the kilted Hares as Hashers approach the finish.

All China Nash Hash

September 14



South Lantau Hash House harriers (SLH3)

A traditional family fun style Hash all welcome – dogs too! Usually a run/
walk on Lantau Island around an hour followed by the circle where any
perpetrators of misdemeanours are given a libation accompanied by a song or
chant! Anyone and everyone can and should be a hare and lay the trail. We
should have at least 1 run a month on a Saturday afternoon around 3pm to
give us slow ones a little more daylight!  But the more runs the merrier and
on any day the hare p’s may wish…. Refer to Rule # 1 which is “there are
no rules”.


September 14

Hebe H3

Hebe H3


We are a trail running hashing club in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong who run one Saturday per month at 4pm and then have a few beers and laughs afterward. Runs are 6-7km. Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned hasher. Just be aware that there will be some adult oriented language and stories. We hope to see you soon for some laughs, some mud and some beers! OnOn!


May 31



Hong Kong Hash House Babes


The Babes Hash is a female only hash with attendees being VERY cute babes of all ages!! The ‘uniform’ is pink for the run and sexy pink for apres  run activities!! Occasionally the (very) odd male is allowed to sneak in to assist with the trivia of minding bags and drinks etc but they too must wear sexy pink!!
The Babes Hash occurs every 2nd month and is usually a live hare ‘hardcore’ run. The circle is a riot with plentiful vino down downs! After the basho the Babes can often often be seen in the nightclubs of Wanchai strutting their stuff and dancing till dawn!! The ‘flounder’ has even been ‘sprung’ by the police sleeping at a table at 6am after one of the bigger nights out.